Our Charitable registration states:
'The residents shall be poor persons of good character who (except in special cases to be approved by the Charity Commissioners) have resided in the Parish of Hornchurch as constituted on 01 June 1932 for not less than 2 years preceding the time of appointment.' If no such person can be found when there is a vacancy the area can be extended to the entire Borough of Havering. This residence qualification cannot be over-ruled by the Trustees.

Residents should be at or above the state pension age and unable to afford comparable private sector accommodation. If the applicants are a couple, both must be at or above the state pension age.

All would-be residents must complete an application form. If they are advised that there is a vacancy they must arrange to visit the Trust to inspect the vacant unit before attending an interview with a sub-committee of the Trustees. The Trustees decide on which applicant to appoint to any vacancy and their decision is final.